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Structural Integration

Body Alignment

"When the body gets working appropriately, the force of gravity can flow through. 
Then, spontaneously, the body heals itself"  -  Dr. Ida P. Rolf
Meet Viviana

Meet Viviana

Advanced Structural Integration Practitioner, A.O.S, LMT.

I discovered movement at an early age. Throughout my professional dance career I was able to understand biomechanics and how the body relates to gravity to move through space.  In 1998 I retired from  dancing to begin a career in Fashion, during this time, I traveled constantly, and worked long hours on set. This experience gave me perspective about how the body over - compensates and adjust to bad postures, creating tension patterns, misalignments, strains  and eventually turning into injuries.


I initially found structural integration (SI) while recovering from an old shoulder injury.  A friend recommended I try SI  and after the first session I knew this technique was different, I felt at peace

with my body.  As I continued with the 10 series treatment my body became connected  gained freedom and  an awareness  that allowed me to understand  what I was doing to create those painful patterns. This was a major turning point in

my life and I decided to study Structural Integration. Since graduating in 2013 from The School Of Structural Integration in MIami, I continued to further my knowledge of Dr. Ida P. Rolf's method with my teacher and mentor John Latz. In  2015 I became an advanced Structural Integration Practitioner. I am also a Licensed massage therapist in the state of New York, and a Reiki practitioner.

I am a Member of the IASI -International Association of Structural Integrators and a member of IADMS - International Association for Dance Medicine & Science.


I am  passionate about this work, each person is

an universe. Your body has a history. Your history includes past injuries, poor posture, work habits, stress, accidents, surgeries, and other traumas. Fascia responds to all these conditions by undergoing a chemical change., and those changes can lead to pain and dysfunction. 


As a  Structural Integration practitioner,  I strive to help people  relieve trauma and chronic pain, to 

live more comfortably by restoring  their bodies to an organized state.  Taking them to a journey of transformation, becoming more present, balanced,  and happier in their bodies with often long-lasting results.

Why Structural Integration?

Why Structural Integration?

It can help with

What is Structural Integration?

Structural Integration is a scientifically validated body therapy based on the work of Dr. Ida P. Rolf.  SI (Rolfing)  is a system of soft tissue manipulation and movement education that organizes the whole body in gravity.
SI  affects the body’s posture and structure by manipulating the myofascial system (connective tissue). Fascia is designed to be elastic and move freely with muscles and bones.  Injury, stress, work-related repetitive movements and the effects of aging can cause fascia to lose its elasticity and become shorter, tighter, and more dense pulling  muscles and skeleton out of proper alignment, causing pain and fatigue.


One important principle of Structural Integration is that the body is significantly affected by the powerful force of gravity. In a misaligned state, the body's valuable resources are used inefficiently, laboring to keep a person upright in the field of gravity. Structural Integration works to lengthen,  stretch, and soften this tissue to restore postural balance, ease of movement, and a feeling of being more at home in your own body. Generally performed over a series of ten sessions, this approach allows the practitioner to affect the client’s structure
in a methodical manner restoring postural balance by aligning and integrating the body in gravity. 

What are the benefits?

Clients that had the 10 series experienced  benefits of greater flexibility, a feeling of lightness and fluidity, better balance, increased breathing capacity, increased energy and greater self-confidence.

Furthermore, it can speed up injury recovery by reducing pain, stiffness and muscle tension; improving movement and circulation around joints; and attending to both the injury and any secondary pain that may develop from favoring the injury.


As a structure becomes more organized, chronic strain patterns are alleviated, and pain and stress decrease. When a body is aligned and balanced it moves with greater ease. It requires less energy
to function. Good posture is effortless and breathing is easier. The body becomes more flexible, more coordinated and athletic performance improves. SI practitioners affect body posture and structure over
the long-term.



"As a lifelong dancer and now a full time yoga teacher and practitioner, my body is my temple. Rolfing has been the most healing and elevating body work I've experienced. I feel taller, grounded, and so peaceful with every session. Viviana is a true healer!"

Megna Paula - Fitness Professional+ Artist


Advanced Sessions
Post 10 session series

3 Series  Package    
5 Series  Package
Tune Up
Post 10 session series
CTM             60' 

Other Sessions

Shiatsu         60'

Reiki             60' 

Structural Integration
10 Series Package

First session          90' 

We will do an intake,  postural analysis and hands-on therapy.

Following sessions 60'-75"

Community Sessions  available at a reduced price  for artists, healthcare workers, and those with limited income. Please inquire.
* 24-hour notice for cancellations & rescheduling is required to avoid missed session fees
                                10 Series Treatment
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