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  • Viviana Rodriguez

Greetings from French Guiana:

Updated: May 19, 2019

I would like to share with you all an amazing experience I had over this holiday season. I spent three weeks visiting a dear friend who is building a Youth Art Center in the city of Kourou. Before leaving I asked the universe to give me an opportunity to cross paths with people in this community needing my help.

One evening I met a man named Marcel Amoewetle. Marcel had a terrible car accident two years ago rendering him with a fused cervical spine and severe nerve damage in both legs. Unfortunately Marcel now lived spending most of his days in bed as he was no longer able to walk, move his arms freely, work and provide for his family. So I began giving Marcel Rolfing sessions, every four days, to release the tension and blockage patterns of his body to ultimately  organize and align him to a more natural state. Marcel immediately started feeling more energetic. After just three weeks, he got so much stronger that he was able to stand up straight, go up the stairs, move his arms to wash and brush his hair. The transformation was so amazing to the point that after our last session , he asked me if he could ride his bicycle again!!! I feel so blessed to have opportunities like this to heal people around the world that do not have access to quality rehabilitation or alternative therapies.

I would like to give a very special Thank You to my professor & mentor Mr. John Latz for sharing his knowledge with me.

Thank You to my friend Naty from Kourou for letting me use her message table during my trip. Naty is not a therapist , she ironically purchased a massage table, three months ago, without really knowing why. The universe works in magical ways!

Thank You to my dear friend Tamangoh for being my liaison to his amazing country. I made many friends on this trip that I will cherish dearly.

Thank you Marcel for the opportunity to help you and by helping you become a better therapist, and bless your beautiful wife, eleven children and ten grand children. Much love until next time!

working with Marcel

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